Just a mini post here, but as I would really like to move the home video editing I do over to Linux, I have been collecting links to get the ball rolling.

Specifically, what I am looking at right now are:

Cinerella or Kino for video editing
Gaupol for subtitles
Dvdauthor to put it all together

There’s a nice guide here on one user’s experience with Kino that I might check out.

I’ll post more as I play…

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I recently got an iPod 8Gb Nano, and I wanted to convert some free streamed video files that I had so that I could watch them on the iPod.

I already owned Applian’s Replay A/V software which comes with replay converter. This immediately should provide me with the capability to convert the streamed video to the iPod format. The problem was, it wouldn’t. I looked through the log files and saw the error message:

ERROR: Could not open required DirectShow codec wmv9dmod.dll

Which I thought was weird since I should have the codecs installed. At any rate, I went to the MPlayer download site and got the Windows essential codecs. After moving them to the main Replay A/V folder, everything worked fine.