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I just wanted to try out MarsEdit, so I downloaded a trial copy. This is, of course, just a test post to make sure that it all works.


So far it’s really cool, and not only does it beat the native WordPress interface, it allows me to post to two blogs easily, and also work offline.

Nicely done. I may just have to drop the $30 on this one.

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Whew! Close call here. What I did was to try and move the blog from a directory (/blog) into the main xenocoder directory, then change the site url in options.

So… It didn’t take and I was stuck in an infinite loop. I had to open up phpmyadmin and change the two links in wp_options and then the link in wp_links to get the site back.

Nice one XC, derrrr…..

Well, I am continuing to work on the guts of the blog. After installing WP 2.01 last night I spent some time looking at themes. I really want an orange/white theme similar to the phpbb one I have on the main site, but could not find one. After looking through quite a few I really like the wide open feel of the Wuhan theme, and I thought I could start with this and change things around.

So as time progresses you should see things start to take form…

More to come…