Well, I decided to try out a live cd of the Kubuntu distro since I was having problems with SUSE 10.0 and KDE. So I downloaded the 64 bit live CD image and attempted to boot it up. It hung on me during the pre-installation session and then after that I could not boot into Windows at all. I was all set to give up when I realized that I had a USB drive attached and it was being accessed. I quickly turned that off and Windows booted. Weird. I haven’t given up on Kubuntu, just I want to try the live distro with my Windows hard disc unplugged next time!


A little while back I thought that I would get fancy with Windows XP and installed the World of Warcraft theme. Basically this theme customized the entire desktop, replacing the entire interface (skinning it). It was horrible. After about 20 minutes I decided that I didn’t like this new theme and decided to change it back. Most of it went back to normal except that the folder icons remained the WoW-based backpacks that I couldn’t stand… So the question was: How can I change them back to normal old boring XP-based folder icons?