After installing the nVidia drivers in Ubuntu 6.10 the screen was pushed slightly to the left. It was enough to be annoying, and since I didn’t want to shift the monitor settings (as I run windows as well) I ran the utility xvidtune from the terminal, pushed the “right” button about 6 times to move the screen to the right, hit show, got the modeline from the terminal output, and inserted that into the Monitor section of my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file (after backing it up!) with the prefix Modeline. All better now!


I was having trouble changing my hostname in SUSE 10.2. I finally had to go into YaST and under Network Services -> DNS and Hostname I deselected change Hostname via DHCP. All is well!

I set up Ubuntu on an old Gateway 500 Mhz machine to act as a server. I got Apache, FTP, and SSH all set up and have dynamic DNS through SSH and FTP worked fine but I could not see the web outside my browser even though I forwarded port 80 to the computer on my Netgear router. After much looking I finally figure out that I needed to forward port 8080 (http server) as well. Once that was set I was golden! By the way, I used the How-To forge guide to get this setup.

As per the instructions at Jarkolicious, I verified my site at Google, and then installed the Google Sitemap Generator plugin to make an XML sitemap and have it automatically uploaded. More later if it works…

Just testing out the Performancing add-on for Firefox 2.0. It’s a little slow and it brands the posts (I took it out here) but seems to work.

Just playing around with asides. I am using the wonderful Sideblog Plugin v3.0 by Kates Gasis. It installed in a snap, even though I am using a theme with no sidebar support.