I couldn’t pass up a good deal on a slightly used 8 GB iPod touch. I mean, it still had the plastic sticky cover on it!

One thing that bugged me was that they seem to sell them now in the store with the January update included, yet this one didn’t have it. And I can’t seem to find the upgrade anywhere. I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to jailbreak it just yet, but if the 2.0 update doesn’t come out soon I’m going to be sorely tempted!

Update 7/17/08

Well, I was able to download the 2.0 firmware upgrade last Friday night, and I feel that it was well worth the $10 charge. It’s pretty much a whole new level, and while the quality of applications from the app store may vary, I think that this was a real step in the right direction. Too early to really review specific apps, but I know that within the last week I have been using Remote, NetNewsWire, Evernote, Twitterific, SFNetNews, Aurora Feint, WritingPad, and Moonlight Mahjong Lite. I just started playing with MochaVNC Lite as well and there is definite potential. I was able to access computers running Ultra VNC on both XP and Vista.