OK, so I’m an idiot.

Either that or I always look for the complicated way to solve things. All I wanted to do was to organize my spaces so that the opened web-based programs were in space 1 and the open scientific programs were in space 2.

In Linux I know how to do this (Gnome-based answer), just right click the window title in the bottom bar and send it to a new desktop area. In OS X I just could not figure it out. Obviously there’s no bottom bar, so no right clickability (not a bad thing really), so what can I do? You can’t drag them to a new space, and you can’t minimize windows and then maximize them in a new space (That’s a feature!).

Of course, if I had read the propaganda I could have figured this out in 5 seconds. Just hit the hot key to open all spaces (F8 for me) and then drag the window you want into the space you want. Of course the window you want to drag needs to be in focus but it’s pretty easy.


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