I’m working on a project using a state-space model that was built in WinBUGS, and obviously, I’d like to run it on anything but Windows XP.

The main problem is that it’s WinBUGS, not OSXinBUGS or LinBUGS, so natively I’m out of luck. All is not lost however, for some people much more clever than I have provided instructions to get WinBUGS up and running on OS X using DarWine, which is the Darwin version of Wine which is in rough terms a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on *nix.

The easiest way to get all of this up and running is to follow the excellent tutorial at http://idiom.ucsd.edu/~rlevy/winbugsonmacosx.pdf, which is how I got up and running


The next step is to get this layered version recognized by R so that I can call WinBUGS directly from R.

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