While my desktops are running linux (CentOS 5 workstation, Fedora 8/Arch playstation) I have a Macbook Pro laptop. This is mainly due to the ability of the Mac to cross over between linux and windows type environments. I can open up a terminal and get some work done, and in the extreme times when I have to have a windows app I can fire up Parallels. Unfortunately I do not like the default internet apps that Apple offer in Mail and Safari. Instead I choose to run the Thunderbird/Firefox combination. I have been using Mozilla for quite some time, and began using Firebird way back when. I have been very happy with these browsers up until Firefox 2, which seems to be slower, crash more, and have worse memory management. How much of this was based on “feel” or just because I kept reading about it I’m not sure, but when Firefox 3 Beta 2 came out I figured I would give it a try.

What’s nice about Firefox 3 on the Mac is the Proto theme  which really makes Firefox look like a native app on the Mac. While certain add-ons may not be compatible just yet, I am finding things quicker, and less system intensive. I have also yet to have beta 2 or now beta 3 crash. This may be luck, or it may be because I’m not running any extensions, but I’m a happy camper. The only pet peeve came when beta 3 was released and I lost my home button on the navigation toolbar. But if you feel the way I do and want it back, it’s easy to get there and only takes a few steps.

Default navigation bar (no home button)


To add the home button icon

1. If it’s not already visible, make the bookmarks toolbar visible

2. Open View->Toolbars->Customize


3. Drag the home text from the bookmarks toolbar to the customize menu pane

4. Drag the “home” text back to where you would like the icon on the navigation toolbar

That’s it! You do lose the text on the bookmarks toolbar yet I prefer the icon on the nav bar. The choice is yours! You should end up with something that looks like this: