January 2008

Well, after a successful run with Arch Linux, I got the bug. I must say that while Arch is definitely a speedy distro, Fedora is pretty darn polished. Yum is abysmally slow, but I can deal with that… for now.

In the vein of my Fedora 7 install notes (well, these should be more complete!), here is pretty much what I did for “Werewolf”

I followed the excellent MJMWired notes for most of this. I then added in Matlab (see below), and downloaded R from the CRAN. I also then added in EasyTag.

More to come


To install Matlab (2007b) on Fedora 8 you can just run the installer from the DVD.

1. Create /usr/local/Matlab2007b
2. sudo /media/MATLAB2007B/install &
3. /usr/local/Matlab2007b/etc/lmstart
4. sudo yum install libXp.i386
5. matlab &