I am happily running Arch Linux these days. It’s speed and no nonsense attitude really appeals to me, especially after trying out both OpenSUSE 10.3 and Ubuntu 7.10 recently. At any rate, I work a lot in Matlab, which is dependent on the FLEXlm license manager running. On most other machines this is no problem, I just start the license manager and away we go. Well this time I was getting errors to the effect that the license manager was not seeing the hostname, even though it was set correctly in /etc/rc.conf and I got the right output from echo $HOSTNAME. After a quick google I found a post in the Arch Forums which gave me the answer. Basically I needed to also have the hostname set in /etc/hosts as

#<ip-address> <hostname.domain.org> <hostname> [desiredhostname].localdomain localhost [desiredhostname]

Where obviously you substitute [desiredhostname] for your, well, desired hostname.

Smooth sailing after that, and I must say, with the latest update to Gnome 2.20 I am one happy camper with Arch!