October 2007

I am happily running Arch Linux these days. It’s speed and no nonsense attitude really appeals to me, especially after trying out both OpenSUSE 10.3 and Ubuntu 7.10 recently. At any rate, I work a lot in Matlab, which is dependent on the FLEXlm license manager running. On most other machines this is no problem, I just start the license manager and away we go. Well this time I was getting errors to the effect that the license manager was not seeing the hostname, even though it was set correctly in /etc/rc.conf and I got the right output from echo $HOSTNAME. After a quick google I found a post in the Arch Forums which gave me the answer. Basically I needed to also have the hostname set in /etc/hosts as

#<ip-address> <hostname.domain.org> <hostname> [desiredhostname].localdomain localhost [desiredhostname]

Where obviously you substitute [desiredhostname] for your, well, desired hostname.

Smooth sailing after that, and I must say, with the latest update to Gnome 2.20 I am one happy camper with Arch!


I haven’t written about it, but lately Arch Linux had become my distro of choice. It took some time to get started, but the simplicity coupled with the very noticeable speed increases all around made me very happy.

But, when I heard last night that openSuSE 10.3 was released I wanted to give it a spin.

It was my first mistake that I started the install close to midnight.