I got a new computer at work, and since the IT specialists here know their Red Hat, I figured that I would try to stay on that side of the yard instead of going to Debian Etch.

Just for myself, I have some install notes.

I mostly followed the How To Forge guide for the Fedora 7 perfect desktop. For the nVidia drivers I got the drivers from freshRPMS as well. Everything was working fine except that Amarok would not play mp3s/AAC files, but Banshee would (A Xine problem?).

For nVidia drivers: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=99285&highlight=install+livna

In retrospect, I would avoid the freshRPMs and go with Livna. I would also install YumEX right away. So, I disabled freshRPMs and installed livna (http://rpm.livna.org/rlowiki/)

YumEX with Livna appears to be much faster.

The main problems now are:
Amarok not playing media
The Java plugin not working in Mozilla.