With the arrival of CentOS 5 I wanted to give it a try on an old machine to test out everything before moving it on a production beast. After the initial install things looked good, albeit I really don’t like the blue curve theme, and I wanted to use KDE. After some thematic switches the first order of business was to replace the open source nv driver with nVidia’s binary one. As always I downloaded this from nVidia’s site, and then used init 3 as root to drop down out of the graphical interface. Usually I have everything I need but I must have forgotten to install gcc (how did that happen?!) so a quick yum install gcc fixed problem #1 right up. Problem #2 was that I didn’t have the kernel source. Again, yum stepped in and with a quick yum install kernel-devel* got me the kernel source. I was then able to build the driver, but as I didn’t have the Xorg SDK installed the script had no idea where to put the driver. yum install xorg*sdk* got me the sdk. In the end, as it had already failed the driver installation once, nVidia threw up and I was left with no working nvidia driver. So for now it’s the open source nv driver for me. Nuts.