In a previous post (Installing nVidia drivers on Ubuntu 6.10) I wrote about installing the nVidia drivers on my AMD 4200+ X2 with an nVidia 6800GS system. This worked, apparently, but the computer was no longer recognizing the second core (type: `more /proc/cpuinfo` to see) . Not only that, but the computer was running Ubuntu slower than Windows. Something was not right!Evidently this is because the default nvidia package nvidia-glx runs off the i386 kernel which does not recognize the AMD X2 chip. I verified this in the grub file (/boot/grub/menu.1st) as the default kernel was the i386. Attempting to boot into the generic kernel was a no go with these drivers.

After much reading, I finally came upon this article in LunaPark (Envy-Easy way to install nVidia drivers in Ubuntu). I followed the instructions there, and within 5 minutes I had the right nvidia drivers installed and a blazing fast system! It was seriously like night and day, the change in the responsiveness of the computer was astounding. If you have any nVidia card I highly recommend this program as it autodetects and installs the proper driver for your card.