So far I am really enjoying using SUSE 10.2. There are a couple things that make this a perfect OS for me at this point, but they are minor. The only major gripe was that I had to use KMail instead of Mozilla Thunderbird as my mail application…I added Thunderbird through YAST (using the openSUSE repos) and all seemed well for about 2 minutes, but Thunderbird would just repeatedly crash upon use. After about an hour of mucking around with it, I gave up and tried to configure KMail. Now I had tried Kontact in SUSE 10.0, and after spending some time with it I wasn’t happy, so I went back to our current work standard, Thunderbird…
I don’t know what I was thinking!

There may be some things that TB can do that KMail can’t, but I have yet to find them. The main things I wanted:
1. Tray notification of new mail – Easy, just go under Settings->Configure Notifications-> Advanced
2. The ability to use a networked LDAP addressbook – Easy again, just go under Tools->Address Book, and once there click Settings->Configure Address Book, and choose the LDAP lookup tab and add a new host.

So far it works the way I want it to and is actually faster then TB was. So far so good! I do also prefer Konq to Firefox on most occasions, but as some pages aren’t rendered properly (GMail is one, I can get it to work but it takes some fiddling) I use Firefox most times.