First things first, I had troubles with my partitions. I ended up just deleting everything and going with three partitions, 2 GB for /swap, 20 GB for / and the rest ~210 GB for /home. The next major thing I did was to follow The Jem Reports excellent Hacking SUSE 10.2 article to get mp3 and aac support. The next major problem was my sound card…By default SUSE 10.2 setup my onboard sound as sound card 0, which was not working since the speakers were plugged into my Audigy 2. Through YAST’s hardware section I deleted the entry for the onboard sound and all was well.

The next thing I needed to do was tweak my .bashrc a bit to add in some color to the prompt and some paths that I needed. I then opened up the ssh config file /etc/ssh/ssh_config to allow X11 forwarding as I move around from machine to machine a lot and am behind a firewall.