Hopefully there will be no part 2, but I’ve already had the SUSE 10.2 install hang on one attempt at installation on a Parallels virtual machine, my 4400+ AMD X2 system at home.

Today I am trying this out on my Lenovo Thinkpad T60 as a trial run for replacing 10.0 as my production OS. No problems through most of the install, as we breezed through the point where I got stuck before. Package selection was as easy as ever, and it installed things seamlessly until the first reboot. It then went through its thing but got stuck on the hardware detection. I finally killed the virtual machine and rebooted. When it prompted me to continue the installation I said no and then configured my display manually. more to come.
Problem number one presented itself as the boot got stuck loading drivers (specifically the CD driver) but that may have been a Parallels thing.