December 2006

So far I am really enjoying using SUSE 10.2. There are a couple things that make this a perfect OS for me at this point, but they are minor. The only major gripe was that I had to use KMail instead of Mozilla Thunderbird as my mail application… (more…)


First things first, I had troubles with my partitions. I ended up just deleting everything and going with three partitions, 2 GB for /swap, 20 GB for / and the rest ~210 GB for /home. The next major thing I did was to follow The Jem Reports excellent Hacking SUSE 10.2 article to get mp3 and aac support. The next major problem was my sound card… (more…)

I am installing SUSE 10.2 on my Pentium 4 3.4 system. I created custom partitions this time:

3 primary partitions:
/boot – 512 MB
/swap – 2 GB
/ – 4 GB
and extended partition for the rest
/tmp – 4 GB
/var – 4 GB
/usr – 32 GB
/opt – 6 GB
/srv – 1 GB
/home – ~180 GB

Hopefully there will be no part 2, but I’ve already had the SUSE 10.2 install hang on one attempt at installation on a Parallels virtual machine, my 4400+ AMD X2 system at home.

Today I am trying this out on my Lenovo Thinkpad T60 as a trial run for replacing 10.0 as my production OS. (more…)