I had been having trouble with SUSE in two areas, playing MP3 files with Amarok, and with the clock drifiting from real time.

After playing with Amarok for a bit I ditched it and loaded XMMS (Winamp for Linux). It’s a bit of a backratchet but it works. I also installed the FAAD2 codec to get AAC support.
To fix the clock drift I moved the file /etc/adjtime to /etc/_sav_adjtime and then ran (as su) hwclock:

hwclock –set –date”03/20/2006 20:02:05″ which was the accurate GMT time. So far so good. *update, this actually didn’t work as the system clock would drift after shutdown. I ran hwclock –hctosys and after some time it set the system time to the hardware clock.