I thought I would give SUSE a try and attempted to install it on my Athlon. I was having problems with the Kingston removabale drives I bought from the get-go, with sporadic errors from the bios that the boot disk was not recognized. This was frustrating in and of itself, but I finally got things to work it seemed and started to install Linux on a fresh disk. Installation was a breeze and only took about 10 minutes for all of the packages that I wanted. The first snag was during the network test. This had been cake on the two previous systems, but the test failed here, most likely because I was hooked into a Netgear router. I didn’e even get to fix that though because as soon as the system tried to load into KDE it freaked out and turned my display into a rainbow-hued ghost of a machine. It must have been something with my nVidia 6800GS, but at that point I gave up for the night and after more sporadic errors due to a missing boot disk I got my system back to zero point.

This entire Linux situation has been incredibly frustrating for me since I have been an avid Red Hat user for many years. A user, not a systems administrator, and this is where I am becoming frustrated. I did successfully install Red Hat 9 a few years back, and had none of the problems that I have faced in these last few installs.

I will try again though (not on my Athlon gaming machine however!) since I am a masochist and would really like to have the freedom to use the Linux environment as well as Windows.