March 2006

I was finally able to ditch the crazy Helix engine!!!

What I did was to download the full version of Xine (which is also a great media player btw) as described here. Once I did that I ran Xine (which was in the multimedia folder) and put Xine in Amarok to autodetect. So far so good!


I often have to convert dates when programming to do timeseries analysis, make a continuous variable for generalized additive models, etc. In MATLAB there are built in date functions which are helpful, yet in R I was forced to create some, or so I thought.

There are actually some nice routines in the Survival package including routines to convert to and from a Julian date (year day).

Now that Kubuntu is installed and running, there are some tweaks to do to get the KDE interface I desire


I have to state this first, I love VI. I know that emacs is great and all (especially with ESS), but there’s something about VI that really speaks to me.

One thing is that ALWAYS on a new system I forget how to turn on the syntax color highlighting. So here it is for the next time I forget.

In your $HOME/.vimrc file uncomment or add the line

syntax on

That’s it!

Well, I have had so many people tell me that I should be using Kubuntu that I finally decided to give it a try. I installed it this morning on an old computer at work and besides the horrifically ugly install menus it worked like a charm! The only weird thing was that by default my ethernet card was turned off, but a quick trip to the help file got that fixed up (go to system settings, network settings, enter admin mode, enable eth0). I will most likely use this distro at home.
More to come!

I was playing around with some styles in PHPBB today and had a funky problem. I downloaded 10 and 8 worked liek a charm! 2 however, obviously were not loading the .css files. I was a bit stumped until I looked I did an ls -l on the templates directory and saw that the file permissions for the two directories containing the non-working styles were set to 400. I went through and changed the dirs to 755 and files to 644 and everything worked great! Soooo, if youare having problems with PHPBB styles not working, check file permissions!

I installed security patches today, and one of them was Real Player 10 for linux, which incorporates the helix engine (the one I was having a problem with in Amarok). The problem I had was that the helix engine would reset the PCM sound to 0 after every track, which was annoying! Xine also would not work. I had given up and moved to XMMS (not as good) but after this patch that bug is gone!!

Happy days!

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