After downloading all 5 iso files from Novell I am ready to try and install SUSE 10 on a 500 mhz pentium III with 386 MB RAM. Installation started smoothly, and the main deviations from a default install were to install some extra packages (emacs, xv, etc.) and also add in Japanese as a secondary language.

Installation failed on several packages, most appearing to be connected to the japanese. I was kicked back to an option screen where I checked my disc. SUSE claimed that my install disc was broken, so I burned another one at 20x and tried again with the same deviations.

Installation failed again on the same packages. Again SUSE claimed that my disc was broken. I tried one more time without adding japanese as a secondary language.

This time installation went through just fine up until the network settings. Here I had to make one change as SSH was disabled by default. I clicked the link and enabled SSH. SUSE detected my uber-old network card and after a successful test to the internet I was golden! This test also checked for automatic updates to packages, and as there were some I selected my mirror (and configured automatic updates) and allowed the system to update.

Finally, SUSE finishing patching and I was set to go! I setup a user, and after a reboot was greeted by the very impressive startup screen.

Nice! Now, next step is to install the 64 bit version on my Athlon 3700+ at home šŸ™‚