I am ready to once again try and install linux on my home computer. *nix is nothing new to me, I have worked in the *nix environments since 1994, but installing and playing systems administrator is something else altogether!

Last time RedHat 9 was installed for me and I played around with it. I actually used it to run a Counter Strike server and then a Day of Defeat server. That was fun but I ended up spending more time doing maintenance than playing the game so I stopped.

For this round I am going to try out Novell’s SUSE 10. I just downloaded two isos, the 32 bit to test on an old computer and the 64 bit to use on my new Athlon 3700.

Instead of going dual boot (and screwing with the boot record) I am going to install Linux on a secondary drive and swap Win XP and Linux with removable drive bays. I will most likely order them tomorrow from New Egg, I am looking at:


More to come later.