February 2006

I started using the GreenTrack theme for the site because I liked the layout and cleanliness of it. While it served most of my needs I needed to modify some things, mainly change the header image, remove the default nav link, and build a navbar which sat below the header image.


Once in a while I am asked how to add or change variable text in phpnuke. What I mean by this is text that in the phpfile is set as a variable, such as FAQ2 in the FAQ module’s index.php file.

This text is set in the corresponding language files, so in this case, we would look up the line FAQ2 in the modules/FAQ/language/lang-english.php (or whichever language you wanted to change!) file.

You can also add text in this way if say, you wanted to make a custom header, you would define the text blurb in the language file and then call it in your php file.

Whew! Close call here. What I did was to try and move the blog from a directory (/blog) into the main xenocoder directory, then change the site url in options.

So… It didn’t take and I was stuck in an infinite loop. I had to open up phpmyadmin and change the two links in wp_options and then the link in wp_links to get the site back.

Nice one XC, derrrr…..

After downloading all 5 iso files from Novell I am ready to try and install SUSE 10 on a 500 mhz pentium III with 386 MB RAM. Installation started smoothly, and the main deviations from a default install were to install some extra packages (emacs, xv, etc.) and also add in Japanese as a secondary language.

Installation failed on several packages, most appearing to be connected to the japanese. I was kicked back to an option screen where I checked my disc. SUSE claimed that my install disc was broken, so I burned another one at 20x and tried again with the same deviations.

Installation failed again on the same packages. Again SUSE claimed that my disc was broken. I tried one more time without adding japanese as a secondary language.

This time installation went through just fine up until the network settings. Here I had to make one change as SSH was disabled by default. I clicked the link and enabled SSH. SUSE detected my uber-old network card and after a successful test to the internet I was golden! This test also checked for automatic updates to packages, and as there were some I selected my mirror (and configured automatic updates) and allowed the system to update.

Finally, SUSE finishing patching and I was set to go! I setup a user, and after a reboot was greeted by the very impressive startup screen.

Nice! Now, next step is to install the 64 bit version on my Athlon 3700+ at home 🙂

I am ready to once again try and install linux on my home computer. *nix is nothing new to me, I have worked in the *nix environments since 1994, but installing and playing systems administrator is something else altogether!

Last time RedHat 9 was installed for me and I played around with it. I actually used it to run a Counter Strike server and then a Day of Defeat server. That was fun but I ended up spending more time doing maintenance than playing the game so I stopped.

For this round I am going to try out Novell’s SUSE 10. I just downloaded two isos, the 32 bit to test on an old computer and the 64 bit to use on my new Athlon 3700.

Instead of going dual boot (and screwing with the boot record) I am going to install Linux on a secondary drive and swap Win XP and Linux with removable drive bays. I will most likely order them tomorrow from New Egg, I am looking at:


More to come later.


Well, I am continuing to work on the guts of the blog. After installing WP 2.01 last night I spent some time looking at themes. I really want an orange/white theme similar to the phpbb one I have on the main site, but could not find one. After looking through quite a few I really like the wide open feel of the Wuhan theme, and I thought I could start with this and change things around.

So as time progresses you should see things start to take form…

More to come…


Welcome to the first post of the Xenocoder blog. I am doing this to try and keep my coding tips current (which will help me more than anyone!)

I hope that you find something useful in here. Feel free to leave any comments!